Parrot Anafi or Anafi thermal - any good?

As a small business owner with GAS (gear acquisition syndrome - lol), I am ALWAYS looking for more tools to add to the toolbox.

When the Anafi came out a couple years ago, I thought it was an interesting drone. No geo-fencing , like the Autel line of drones, and even an addition of thermal, like DJI and Autel.

I had noticed prices plummeting lately and was thinking that if the video quality was good enough for commercial clients, then adding a low-cost drone to the fleet might be advisable for when we are filming in the more dangerous neighborhoods around here and around more of the obstacles that could down a drone (roofing and tree canopies - we have both types of clients: roofers and tree trimmers/cutters).

Does anyone have an Anafi work or Anafi thermal and if so, what are your thoughts on it/them? You’d be helping a business owner out greatly…