Maximum Altitude

Just trying to get some clarification here.
I live in South Jersey near Atlantic city. Im trying to figure out if I can shoot Oceans casino and resort which sits at 726’ tall. So can I go 400’ above this height without any permissions or issues from the FAA? Or more importantly without breaking the law and endangering others?
Thank you in advance.

Within a city limits, you are permitted to fly 400 ft above the highest building in your locale. So, in essence, 800 ft (from AGL) if no other restrictions apply is my understanding. Outside of city limits, 400 ft is the rule.

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Thank you I appreciate the clarification!

Welcome to the community @DMAC, glad to have you.

An additional piece of information. I haven’t checked LAANC for your area in question, however, IF you are flying in an altitude-limited zone, say 100ft max in active airspace, you are not legally permitted to go higher than that max, even if within 400 feet of a structure. So if there is a 400ft tall building in the 100ft high grid, you cannot go higher than 100ft, let alone 800ft high within a 400ft radius of said structure. I know, confusing, but I guess it’s necessary.

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So as is mentioned here in class g airspace you can fly up to 400 feet above the tallest point of a structure you’re flying as long as you are within 400 feet of that structure.
Now if the airspace you are flying in is anything other then class G airspace then you need to get a waiver or go through the laanc system. (Though Laanc I think only goes up to 400 feet above ground level.)

So if you have class g airspace up to 600 feet above ground level you would need clearance, a waiver to fly at anything past 600 feet above ground level.

Good safe flying to you.