I need to find the M.A.C Address of my RC Controller


New “Pilot” wannabe here. I just got my DJI Mini 3 Pro drone camera and I am setting it up. I charged all the batteries that came in the Fly More kit, I charged the battery inside the RC Controller, the one with the screen, that does not need a smart phone, and I went to my brother’s house since he has a WiFi setup that does not need M.A.C Address to be in a list of approved M.A.C Addresses. I manged to update the firmware on both the controller, and the aircraft, I also made an account on the DJI website or on the Controller I am not sure.
My Questions are:
A) Where do I find the M.A.C Address of the aircraft, and the RC Controller so that I can add them to the list of addresses that my network will need.
B) Is there a procedure to reset the Controller and the Aircraft to factory settings? Once I find the M.A.C address I would want to reset the devices to factory settings, as if they just got out of the box, so that I can add them to my home WIFI network provided by the community and get started again on a clean slate.
C) After setting up the Controller and the Aircraft, and viewing lots of YouTube and the DJI University videos, what else do I need to do before going out to the park and flying? I will be doing this for fun initially, and possibly sit for a FAA Part 107 certification because I intend to volunteer with public safety organizations in the future.

Thanks for allowing me all these questions, I thank you in advance.


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Welcome @Phil. I’ll hop on these questions for you shortly, stay tuned! Unless someone beats me to it, lol.

I’ve been scouring a lot of resources, and so far, I am finding nothing in regard to A) MAC Address. For the RC Pro, the MAC address is easily found in the System> Device area. On the DJI RC, there is no such information, except for the DJI RCs actual name in Bluetooth. I don’t know if that will work for you though :frowning:

B) To reset the DJI RC, while in the RC go to Settings> System> Reset Options and choose what you’d like to do. This article provides more information: DJI Mini 3 Pro – How to Factory Reset (Step-by-Step Guide) – Droneblog

C) Ah, the actual flying part. If you’ve setup the RC and Mini 3 Pro and watched some basic YT vids on the controls, there really isn’t anything else needed to actually get out and fly. Like many here, for my first ever drone (a Phantom 4), I watched a bunch of reviews and videos and then basically launched from our culdesac and that’s all she wrote. I would definitely suggest your first flight be in a very large park with no one around. Manually lift off straight up higher than the highest object around you and just fly around up there, to where you can still easily see the Mini 3 Pro. It was easier for me and the P4 because that thing was giant, regardless, as long as you keep an eye on the M3P above the treeline, you should do fine. :+1:t5: