I finally got my Air 2S - Photo of a tea plantation in Rift Valley Kenya

Hello guys.

After waiting for a few months, I finally got my Air 2S and I am so happy so far. Here’s a photo of a tea plantation I took and edited with lightroom.

Can’t wait to see how much I can do with this drone and grow my business

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@p9mwangi Peter, that is an awesome photo! Enjoy your Air 2s, you are going to be amazed! :blush:

That is a fantastic photo.

That is a fantastic photo. Great pic. How many feet up were you? (I know, regulations in Africa might be different than here in the US - no drone policing going on, just curious) :slight_smile:

I was flying at 124 meters. Rules here are pretty strict actually. The license itself costs $1000. And the bureaucracy involved to legally own a drone is too much. It’s easier and cheaper to get a license and a drone in the USA than in Kenya

Do you know the rules related to certified pilots in the US traveling with drones?

You can get a temporary permit to use your drone in Kenya or hire a local drone pilot

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Peter, this is a gorgeous photo :slight_smile: and congrats on getting your Air 2S. Did you do any post processing on this photo?

Yes. I did post-processing using Adobe Lightroom

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Wow, that is expensive. Folks here used to complain about paying $175 US for the 107 and then the recurrent fee every two years. I bet if it was $1000 here as well, we’d have a LOT fewer certified operators, but maybe more knowledgeable and professional ones as well, as it would be a major investment to get one. Thanks for the info.

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