How much do real estate photographers make?

We’re researching on whether or not real estate photography will always be in demand. Please share your experience in this filed with us.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This topic may poke the bear a bit, lol.

The amount folks make for real estate photos varies based on the market. Someone in rural Alabama might not make what an LA real estate photographer would make for the same square footage. :slight_smile:

I’ll say this, though, I don’t know of any drone businesses that just shoot drone real estate, not in our market here in Orlando, or even down on the Gulf Coast where we oftentimes shoot. Realtors want to deal with someone who has a complete package. Many drone businesses shoot drone exteriors and DSLR/Mirrorless interior photos.

When it comes to pricing, I’ve seen the entire spectrum, from insanely low to ridiculously high. In the beginning of our business we saw and experienced something similar. In Orlando we charge x-amount, but for something 1/2 the size on the Gulf Coast we made 4 times as much. For our little business now, we offer tiered pricing in 1000sqft intervals. So a 1500sqft home won’t cost nearly as much to shoot as our normal 3000sqft+ shoots.

It was asked if real estate photography will always be in demand. Having been in the real estate industry in some form or another 1/2 of my adult life, and having a wife that’s a realtor I say it’ll always be in demand. People have to live somewhere and houses are always sold and sold because someone saw a picture on MLS and was interested to learn more about said property.

Granted, many cheap folks might skirt around using a professional photographer and just post their own cellphone pics (the MSL is full of them). On the other hand, there are a lot of realtors that recognize the need for professional pictures and will hire “us” to do them. As this market begins its normalizing trend (it took long enough), houses are no longer selling almost site unseen or sold using badly lit and insanely crooked and grainy cell phone shots, and might need something even more than just professional pictures, to sell.

This brings us to Real Estate videos. Our higher-end realtor clients are starting to understand that more is going to be needed than just photos and will pay top dollar for well-done videos. It’s great to see that many of these realtors want videos that aren’t simple walk-throughs, but more artistic or cinematic.