How did you break into the hobby?

I’m always interested to hear how folks we know got into drones. So I guess I’ll start it off here…

Up until like April of 2017 I had never even heard of drones. I used to subscribe to a channel called Mr. Mobile and he was really excited about this tiny drone that DJI just released that could be controlled by hand gestures and a phone.

I didn’t know what a drone was so I just watched the video because I liked his tech reviews. That was all I needed. Immediately after that, I figured it was time for an additional hobby. So, like most people, I scoured Youtube for as much information, videos, and reviews as I could. Not too long after that, I stumbled across someone online that was selling their GPS drones off so that they could get into FPV.

I bought his Phantom 4 standard, with a TON of additional drone-related items, for a STEAL. I literally felt like I needed to remove a ski mask from my face after it was all said and done, hahahah.

Anyway, the day I got the drone, I flew it. I had like 50% battery on one battery and the others were dead (shipping safety I guess). I was able to fly for a few minutes around my neighborhood and loved every single minute of it.

I then went out on my first ever drone road trip after the batteries and everything was all charged up and flew through a pine forest, a super long and deep ravine, and around some lake docks. It was the most fun I had in a while. I even had the misses flying the drone that day.

7 drones later and I am still loving it. Sadly, for a while, I had stopped flying for fun. With the addition of our Mini 3 Pro, I have once again begun flying recreationally.


I started as a writer in 2017. After writing abut drones for some time I felt the urge to fly them practically. I got a Mini 2 to fly for fun. I later got a license and started flying them commercially.

It’s pretty obvious through your articles that you have tons of knowledge! I enjoy reading them…

A lot of folks I talk to have pretty much the same story…myself included: getting into the hobby for fun and branching out into paid work. I think it’s the natural progression of many hobbies that also have a commercial aspect to them.

Years ago I had started DJing, just so that we wouldn’t have to have an iPod on shuffle for a white-attire party we had. A month after hopping into the hobby I was getting offers from all over to DJ. That turned into quite the DJ’ing profession, taking me all around Florida and Georgia…

@p9mwangi, what industries do you specialize in?

Thanks for your response. I mostly fly drones for photography, videography, and land surveying or mapping.

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Do you have any projects you’d like to share? I love seeing others work, for inspriation.

I wrote an article of a survey I did I’ll share the link

Sounds good. Can’t wait to see it.

Just this last Christmas I bought one of those little $40 FPV drones for my 5 Y/O son. We had and still have a blast flying it around the house! Shortly after Christmas I realized how happy it made me flying a drone around. Then , it started… For the subsequent 3 months I became OBSESSED! I watched almost every drone related video on YouTube while simultaneously visiting drone manufacturers websites drooling and fantasizing over which drone I would get. Finally a week ago my 10th year wedding anniversary gift arrived, in the shape of a Mini 3 pro with a fly-more combo kit! I’ve since told my wife daily that she has absolutely no idea how elated I am everyday I wake up. There’s SOOOOO MUCH to learn but I can’t wait! I love this new hobby and the people associated with it. The rest is history.

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I love these types of stories and your wife got you an awesome anniversary gift. Nice! Sadly, say bye to your savings as drones get better and better yearly, lol.

If you’re interested, Droneblog has a new YouTube series of “How-to” videos for new Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro owners: Droneblog - YouTube

Have fun with the Mini 3 Pro and looking forward to seeing you around.