Flying/ or Not!

I purchased our Drone from Walmart for my great grandson (I am 83) and it flew great at first. Now when we try to fly it,it just flips over backward. It is a JY03 with 1080 HD Camera for adults and kids, FPV RC Quadcopter with LED lights and Optical flow Sensor. At my age I am totally blank about things like this so I am hoping I can get an answer from you! Thanks for any advice you can give.

@taketime awesome for you getting a drone for the great grand. NICE.
Immediately offhand I’m thinking there is most likely an issue with a propeller or two. I have seen similar when the props are either on the wrong motors, or their is an issue with the physical prop itself.

I would look at the props and ensure the proper ones are on the right motors. The motor should have a color on it that corresponds with the color on the prop. For DJI drones its normally 2 motors are black and two have a gray band on the top.

If that doesn’t seem to fix it, examine each prop and make sure they are not cracked, chipped or broke.

If THAT doesn’t work, fire up the motors, but don’t launch. Just watch if the props spin at different speeds. If there is one noticabley faster or slower it could be a problem with the motor at which you should probably return/exchange if in the return window. (I don’t know how Walmart handles drone returns).

Let us know how that works.

Also, here is a helpful article on propeller health, etc.