Drone wifi connection

any help me, my simrex x20 will not connect to wifi on my phone but does to new phones,. can anyone please, please tell me what android operating system i need to connect and use the app available? have downloaded the app just fine and can connect to it just fine, its just the wifi, my older phone, tab and even my pc will not find the wifi signal from the drone? as aid the drone is checked out and is working as it should on my friends new phone,but just the information i need just does not seem to be available any were! what android system do i need before i purchase an updated wifi phone or tab please!? any help would be greatly accepted! thanks,. Dave.

Dave, welcome to the forums. Thi sis a tough one, as information on phone compatibility is limited at best. I dug through the manuals and any information I could find online and, sadly, there isn’t a locatable compatibility list.

All I could find was a blurb in the manually saying if the connection doesn’t work, get a new device.

My only suggestion would be to purchase the same device your friend has, where the software is actually working.

Here’s the link to the online Manual.

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