Can't update firmware on my Mini 3 pro

Trying to update my firmware from 01.00.0700 to 01.03.0700 and I get this message…Sever error. Wait a moment and try again (code:)x115000100001) I have tried several different times on different days using different wifi connections and the message is still the same.

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Hello BBT-4 and welcome to Drone Pilots Community.
Can I ask, the approach you have tried is it directly via the DJI RC or RC-N1 remote controller with DJI Fly App?
Have you tried this via the DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drone Series) on computer?
What I would do if neither of these versions worked is to downgrade the firmware and try to jump update to the latest version. - But I never had an issue updating any of my drones via the DJI Assistant 2 app, which was always my preferred way as I have total control over which version to choose.
Don’t forget that, in this case, you’ll also have to update manually the remote controller to match the latest version.
Please let us know how this goes.
If you need any help or information on how to do it, let us know - we’re here to help.
And I apologize for the late response.

The way that I have always updated the firmware is turn on my DJI Rc controller and then my mini 3 pro. When the controller and the drone are connected and I make sure I have a wifi connection. I then go to the screen that asks me “check for updates” I press that option and it starts to search and after a few seconds I get the message…Sever error. Wait a moment and try again (code:) x115000100001). I have updated my mini 3 pro several times before without any problems. I have three batteries and I have tried the above process on each one and I get the same error message. Thank for reaching out.

@BBT-4 welcome to the community.

For error code x115000100001, all research points to needing to download the “DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones Series)” from here: DJI Mini 3 Pro - Downloads - DJI.
Install the program then Log In.
Connect the RC via the cable that came with your Mini 3 Pro (is an OTG cable - data and power), check for any updates, and update the device.
Repeat the same steps for the Mini 3 Pro as needed.

Here is a related article on the subject as well.

Let us know if that works!

With internet Wi-Fi connected go to and try the following.

Profile>settings>check for updates

There are other methods using DJI Assistant 2 software (please see YouTube demonstrations)

Hope it helps.